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Greg Hunt’s Facebook Fury After Great Barrier Reef Decision

greg-huntThe Facebook page of Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, has gone crazy, shortly after his proposal to allow dumping of dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was approved today.

There has been community outrage ever since the idea was first proposed, and with more than 200 scientists signing a letter urgently against it, the dumping seemed unlikely to be given the go-ahead.

But with the Marine Park Authority surprisingly approving the plan, angry Australian’s have taken to social media, and more specifically Mr Hunt’s Facebook profile, to let him have it!

Some of the comments include:

Shame on you Greg Hunt. How do lie straight in bed at night? You are selling out the welfare of Australia to corporate interests. Have some backbone and stand up for future generations. Abbot Point expansion is yet another outrageous decision foisted on the people of Australia. Just who benefits Mr Hunt? – Maxine Bennell

RE your horrific Reef decision: You are no Environment Minister. Terrible. Shame on you. I hope History comes back to judge you. Constantly degrading and ruining our precious environment, in order to dig holes out of the ground and export dirty coal to others, putting the dollar first as normal. I’m lost for words. This government that you are a part of is the worst possible outcome for this country. I find myself deeply ashamed and embarrassed. I hope people power rises up now. I can’t wait until these three years of hell are over. – Christian Mitchell

An utter disgrace..will go down in history as the man who destroyed the Great Barrier Reef and the beautiful environs of Abbott Point. – Carolyn Eddy

YOU disgusting excuse for a human being. Greg Hunt should not be known as the Environment Minister he should be known for what he truly is which is the Coal Mining minister. He has just allowed and approved the dumping of 3 million tonnes of dredge spoil into the Great barrier Reef. YOU DISGUST ME. VOmit. – Corrinne Russell

Want to come round for dinner and explain to my kids why you’re screwing their country and their planet up so badly? ! have no answers for them and it’s keeping them and me awake at night. Not fair to do this to our kids, Hunt! – Leanne Kent

Eager to find out your definition of World Heritage Listing and why you would commit such environmental vandalism on our nations reef. What would Australia do if a foreign mining company dug up Kokoda or Gallipoli? We’d declare war, that’s what! Greed, evil, money, power, corruption, incompetence- destroying our country. Seems like the will of the nation cannot overthrow your innate desire to rise faster than the thing intended; millionaires into billionaires, big people with money and influence ruining the beauty of Australia. – Daniel Soffer

It is yet another move by the Government fueled by monetary gain at the expense of the environment.


What’s happening:

Three million cubic metres of sea bed will be ripped up at Abbot Point, north of Bowen, then transported and unloaded in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, just 50km from the beautiful Whitsundays Islands. Find out more here.

Why’s it happening:

To expand Abbot Point coal port, which will become the world’s biggest coal port. And to make coal miners really really rich.

Question posed by Greenpeace spokesperson Louise Matthiesson:

“We wouldn’t throw rubbish on World Heritage sites like the Grand Canyon or the Vatican City, so why would we dump on the reef?”


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34 Responses to Greg Hunt’s Facebook Fury After Great Barrier Reef Decision

  • David says:

    Just called his office number on 02 6277 7920 to let him know my thoughts. No surprise, he didn’t answer. Also no surprise, his message bank is full! Hope he has an enjoyable weekend knowing that a large proportion of the population despises him!

  • gloreen andersen says:

    I am sickend to my stomach that this has happened. i am just lost for words to express my anger – I want this government GONE – i am sick of them making decisions with such disrespect for Australians

  • Cheryl Watson says:

    We also have to remember that there are a group of people GBRMPA, who have also made this decision. Remember two of them have major interests in coal, I wander how many others do as well.

  • Debra Lee Furness says:

    I am just lost for words, when I heard this approval on the news tonight I just started crying I was so dismayed. What is this government thinking obviously only about lining their pockets & that of rich corporations. Yr out next elections, this will be yr one & only term. I don’t know how u slept at night. Soooo angry!!!!!

  • Francesca Agosti says:

    The most disgraceful decision this Gov has made yet, and there have been myopic, asinine decisions aplenty. This is a tragedy of massive proportions, and it bodes very very badly for this precious area of Australia. This is environmental vandalism of the highest order. We have turned this irreplaceable reef into a dumping ground for Gina Reinhart, Clive Palmer and Andrew Forrest et al.

    233 scientists have lobbied the Marine Park Authority stating that a 2012 study demonstrated clearly that plumes of sediment can reach the Great Barrier Reef quite easily from this distance and that dredge spoil moves much further than previously thought. University of Queensland scientist Selina Ward says dredging sediment smothers corals, exposes them to poisons, and reduces photosynthesis. The evidence is crystal clear, but this wrecking ball of a Gov has wilfully ignored the scientific evidence in order to pursue it’s filthy coal agenda looking after it’s corporate mates, Gina Reinhart, Clive Palmer et al. This is corruption, pure and simple.

    I have no words really. Every day there is a new atrocity that seems to outdo the previous day’s in wilful stupidity and recklessness. I feel sick. Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt, you will be unceremoniously ejected at Election 2016, make no mistake. You have betrayed the citizens of this country and you will pay the ultimate price.

  • Tracey Sarandis says:

    Absolute Vandalism!! He needs to step down as minister for the environment because along with not believing in climate change he doesn’t believe in protecting the environment either. Liberal Party policy being driven home at all cost. State and Federal Liberals both spouting the same crap, to hell with what the people want!!

    • Francesca Agosti says:

      Greg Hunt is the Minister for the Destruction of the Environment!!! STEP DOWN IMMEDATELY, GREG HUNT. YOU ARE A DISGRACE!

  • Susie Ross says:

    March in March!!!! John “Charlie” Veron is the world’s greatest expert on the barrier reef and corals in general. He calls corals the “canary in the coalmine” of global warming. The whole Barrier Reef is such a delicately balanced environment that he has come to the conclusion that it is doomed. http://www.royalsociety.org/events/2009/barrier-reef/ If he is right, and he should know, it is a worldwide tragedy. Australia is the caretaker of this glorious world-heritage area and dumping sludge on it will kill it, even if global warming doesn’t. The relationship between corals and the algae will be compromised and the corals will die. Shame on you Hunt … shame on you.

  • Cheryl Bianchi says:

    I am totally gutted. This is my State and my Australia. How dare you put your mining friends above the country we love and use it as a dumping ground. Our reef is sacred to those of us who love our country. Obviously you are not one of us.
    Every day another piece of our country disappears or is damaged and wrecked by you Tony Abbott and your trashy Government.
    You can lie and hide behind your MSM but this is out there for all of our country to see. You and your sneaking has gone too far this time and you will pay at the polls in the not too distant future.
    Shame on you all

  • Rhonda Blaxland says:

    We live in Newcastle. We love it here, however reading about your decision today I’m in term oil. We love our town of Newcastle but as a result of years of pollution have created a legacy from which we are still recovering. Pollution from coal and it’s by products pollute this town to this day. BHP left here in about 1999. If by dumping coal by products off the coast and polluting a world heratige site you think you are aiding development then you are so,so wrong.

  • jane says:

    It has taken 6,000 years for nature to build the Great Barrier Reef, one of the great natural wonders of the world, which can be seen from space. You have taken a few days to order the death of this great tourist attraction and icon of Australia.

    How many tourists will beat a path to this country to see a pile of sludge where the reef once flourished? How many tourists will visit a coal port?

    How much revenue from tourism are you and the other vandals in this appalling government prepared to sacrifice as you toady to vested interests like Gina Rinehart, Andrew Forrest and other big miners, who contribute so little to the social fabric of this country?

    This is truly the worst government ever visited on this country. You should all be thoroughly ashamed, although I doubt that you and your corrupt colleagues are capable of such feelings.

  • Di Burns says:

    TWO HUNDRED scientists passionate about this outrage can’t be wrong! Your public attitudes actions and those of your party disgust me, Greg Hunt. There are so many environmental issues that you have allowed to continue to rape our country. It needs protecting for its own sake as well as for future generations. I can only hope that all the objections to your actions across the country will see you gone soon.

  • Bel R says:

    March in March folks, find it on Facebook and get out there and March Australia wide. Show them the people power we have and just how ticked off this governments stupid decisions are making us. Between Newman and Abbot, they are letting Queensland be destroyed by mining. So much for the Reef being world class tourist destination!

  • Stuart Watson says:

    Environmental Safeguards ? That’s what they said about the Gladstone Port expansion and the result= devastation. Shame on this government.

  • LG64 says:

    Time for a Double Dissolution before this government does any permanent damage to this Global Treasure!
    How much more are these incompetent Luddites going to do before we say ENOUGH & kick them to the kerb where they belong?
    March in March people.

  • Ruby Relic says:

    Simply how is this allowed…. What an absolute disgraceful politician you are. I so hope the next election comes sooner rather than later and the sheep who voted in the current gov are now awake and aware at what is being done, lost, taken, stolen, destroyed and denied for all Australians regardless of status. How cowardly to delete people’s comments.

  • Gary Russell says:

    Greg Hunt is the unprincipled traitor of his generation.

    And the betrayer of future generations

  • Pauline Koppel says:

    Greg Hunt is the dishonourable member for Environmental Destruction. This decision is the worst one in the history of Australia. He will be known for this for the rest of his life. His children will have to live with his legacy and apologise for their father, grandfather and great grandfather. The people of Australia will not allow this. Firstly there will be a legal challenge through crowd funding. Every Australian will fight this. Secondly we will March for the Reef. This government is toxic, unAustralian and hypocritical. Time for you all to resign.

  • Pauline Koppel says:

    Thank you for allowing us to vent our anger here. This government is trying to silence us. It will not work.

  • Cate G says:

    I just checked Greg Hunts facebook page – if there was anything there about the GBR – its all gone now. He obviously only likes “positive” things said about the things he does.

    • Elliot says:

      He obviously doesn’t understand the concept of “social” media. Here’s hoping this man has one of the most stressful weekends imaginable. If he has any morality at all the stomach ulcers should be forming right about now!

  • rRod Gibbons says:

    I am totally against this decision. How can this man even call himself environment minister.. He should change his name to abbott/ rein hart.In generations to come his name will be up in lights along side of abbott as the men who killed the great barrier reef…. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • Cheryl says:

    If this decision doesn’t make folk take to the streets I don’t know what will. Never been ashamed or felt disgusted to be an Australian prior to yesterday regardless of which political party held the reigns. The ONLY thing this government is doing well is making a LOT of people very angry and upset. They have lied, they are starving the poor as they feed the rich and they are arrogant, ignorant and greedy. They cannot answer questions and they most certainly do not have the best interests of the people and this country in heart or mind. They are hell bent on destroying all that is good in this country and the sooner they are gone the better. We the people employ these public servants they do not rule us, they are accountable to us not the other way around and we should not have to fight our own government when they take actions that are NOT the will of the people. That 2 board members of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority have alleged financial interests in this project explains much as to why they gave the final approval. All involved do not deserve the positions they hold. Shame on all of them and those Australians who voted for, support and defend the greedy, archaic mentality and insanity of this Government.

  • Edwina Harding says:

    This decision sounds the death knell for World Heritage status of the reef. Perhaps this is what these fools want. It would make continuing destruction so much easier for them. Shame on this Government. As a teacher of Marine Studies, I know exactly what the lesson will be on Monday, Mr Hunt and Mr Abbott. We are a reef guardian school and as such will support action in protection of the Reef as clearly, those charged with this responsibility are unwilling to do so. As for GBRMPA – hang your heads in shame! My fury over this decision knows no bounds.

  • martin griffiths says:

    Greg Hunt

    how could you possibly in your right mind support any kind of dumping like this in our great barrier reef marine park area.

    i am so disgusted that for the sake of the almighty corporate dollar and no morality our heritage for future generations is being sold down the gurgler

    It truly saddens me that a person like you voted in by the people can betray the Australian public and support such a proposal.

    Greg keep on digging your own grave son because the next election is coming around sooner than you could imagine

  • jan robins says:

    Gerg Hunt, Minister for raping of the environment, Tony and the libs must love you! big business must love you! next thing they will make you minister for education so you can shut down all the public schools, or minister for health so you can close all the public hospitals, or minister for ageing and disability so you can stop the ndis, and put an end to funding for aged care services. You and your government are doing what comes naturally to them, wrecking things, and taking things away from the needy and vulnerable people so more can go to the rich and powerful. Shame lib/nats, shame.

  • Marie Lockyer says:

    I can’t understand how Greg Hunt, the person who argued passionately against the dredging of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, this same Greg Hunt has condoned the dredging of a channel through the Great Barrier Reef, has condoned the dumping of spoils in pristine areas, has set up access for polluting ships to cruise through the GBR, enabling the exporting of filthy coal to pollute the rest of this Earth. I can’t understand what drives Greg Hunt. Is he in thrall to the mining industry lobbyists? Is there some irresistible financial gain twisting his thinking? Has he thought beyond the next election? Is he a puppet?

  • Bron Dahlstrom says:

    At a meeting with members of the Bass Coast Community Group, Watershed, and Sea Shepherd members, Greg Hunt spoke passionately about his belief in protecting the environment. Greg Hunt, you are allowing our environment to be destroyed. Everything you said at that meeting was a lie. Your title should be, the Minister against the Environment.

  • Glenn says:

    Why can’t the material be dumped from whence it came, inland somewhere. If the coal “producers” are claiming a profit from this activity surely they would have costed all this: they are after all a business not a stupid Govt who continually gets it wrong with the taxpayer as fall-back,
    You are digging your grave even faster than I can, you small particle of shit Mr Hunt.