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Shaun Micallef, where is my pen?

shaunLast night I finally had the pleasure of meeting my comedic idol, Shaun Micallef; the man who brought me David McGann, Quentin Welcher, TAYG, and even brought me a bowl of minestrone soup in a confusing dream I had back in the late 90s.

The comedy legend unbegrudgingly (some might even say willingly) signed my copy of his new book, The President’s Desk. A daring nudie run across the political landscape of the world’s most beloved superpower. Well that’s what the back cover says, I haven’t actually read it yet. Continue reading

Hands off the ABC!

A letter recently sent to the Prime Minister:abc-television

To Mr Abbott,

Whilst I have numerous complaints in relation to the direction in which you and your party’s policies are taking Australia, I will contain myself to one issue which has triggered my writing this letter.

Your recent attack on our national broadcaster is nothing more than a grooming exercise, preparing the public no doubt for an attempt to cut funding to the ABC, one of the major sources of information for Australians who would like their news untouched by the Murdoch media and other news corporations pedalling a neo conservative agenda. Continue reading