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Breaking the myths on asylum seekers

refugee-locked-upAsylum seekers have undergone incredible hardship in their native country, and make the tough decision to flee their home. In many cases, war and persecution simply leaves them displaced, giving them no choice in the matter. In desperation, they jump on a boat, and basically get the hell out of there in order to survive!

Whilst they may have suffered intolerably back home, most leave their shores with one thing in tact, hope. Hope for a new start, hope for a better life. Enter the Australian Government. Continue reading

Enough is enough

As the federal election draws nearer, the tactics used to win the votes of Australians are becoming more and more despicable. Fear mongering and other misleading tactics (not to mention outright lying) are now common place in Parliament House. Sadly, a large portion of Australians are now convinced that boat people pose a major risk to Australia, seemingly believing that every day hoards of “illegals” are descending upon our country, and that the situation is a “National emergency”.

When considering the actual challenges our country faces, boat people are NOT a major issue in Australia. . In reality, Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd have defined Asylum Seekers arriving by boat as a problem and are now using the plight of the world’s most vulnerable people as a platform to try and win the next election. Our leaders should be working towards educating their people, rather than misinforming and scaring them. Continue reading